Uwe Görges,          German Lawyer

Steintorweg 8,          20099 Hamburg

Tel: 040)24 12 71,       FAX: (040)24 58 46

E-mail: goerges.lawyer@t-online.de


Our firm’s key areas of expertise and focus are immigration law and commercial law;  additionally we also advise and act on behalf of clients in family law, criminal law and civil law.

We, the German lawyer (Rechtsanwalt) Uwe Görges and the Iranian partner Sonja Aliabadi, have over 20 years experience with acting for and advising our predominantly foreign clients both in domestic and foreign matters.

Our firm focuses on acting for foreign businesspersons who are aiming to become domiciled in Germany and intend to establish a business entity here.

The German lawyer Uwe Görges will act on behalf of foreign clients even in filing applications with the German embassy or consulate abroad, then acts on their behalf in all dealings with the domestic Foreigners' Authority and local Chamber of Commerce.

We also take instructions from foreign investors to deal on their behalf with domestic economic development agencies and with the appropriate German authorities.

For Farsi-speaking clients the highly skilled and experienced Ms Sonja Aliabadi, who originates from your own culture yet is deeply familiar with German ways, will be available to translate and to act as a liaison person if so desired.

Foreign languages spoken in our law firm are English, Farsi/Dari and Serbo-Croatian.


Location: Our firm's offices are situated in the immediate environs of Hamburg Central Station.